Vintage French at Gardette

On this website, you will find the results of our passion for seeking out the old, the vintage, and anything of a curious individual look that  catches our eye. As you can guess from the image opposite, the bigger part of our collection comes from the brocante sales of rural central France, where we spend a good part of our year.

Everything on these pages is for sale. Our true  joy is finding these treasures, living with them for a while, and then passing them on for others to enjoy.

For theatre and film people, you may well find authentic period prop pieces here. Also interior designers with a taste for nostalgia, or if you simply enjoy the company of vintage items in your home, you should find something that pleases within these pages.

All items can be bought here on this website using 'contact' or via our shop on Etsy

This is a classic old French coffee grinder from the 30s / 40s is my guess. Not for use as a grinder anymore, but a beautiful decorative addition to a French style country kitchen or restaurant. It would look great up on a dresser shelf as an object of interest and a reminder of bygone times. It was made by the French company Valentigny, and the beautiful flaky blue paint really adds to its authenticity.

£30    ($ US 40)   Ref.  G.001/M1   (please email with this ref. no. for shipping costs and PayPal details)   contact     or buy  at:



This is a beautiful set of French ceramic containers from the Art Deco period (1920s-30s). we found it on a brocante sale in rural central France, and so it is completely authentic. These would look fantastic up on a dresser in a French style kitchen or restaurant. It's very unusual to find this kind of thing that old and still intact, being ceramic. The lids are in a complimentary untreated solid oak.

£45   ($ US 60)       Ref. G.002 / M3    (please email with this ref. no. for shipping costs and PayPal  details)             contact    or   buy at our shop:




A set of authentic French enamelware kitchen containers found on a brocante sale in rural France. They are made in the desirable brown enamel with a few little nicks and scratches as you would expect for items from the earlier part of the last century. Still very clean and usable.

 £25  ( $ US 33)           Ref. no.  G003/M2     (please email with this ref. no. for shipping costs and PayPal details)         contact    or    buy at our shop:




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